What Our Community Is Saying About Flip Factory App

When we started Flip Factory App, our goal was to use new innovations in Fintech to solve some of the most common problems that our industry faces. From the Lender to the Sub-Contractor, our program has been designed with the entire building community in mind. Through programmable cashflow, it’s our hope to revolutionize the way projects are completed by providing more transparency, faster payments, expert guidance, and lower risk for everyone who uses our platform. 


Here’s what some community members have said about our program: 

Adam Schneider

Private Money Lender

Adam Schneider is a hard money Lender based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. As an AAPL-certified private Lender, he is the Owner of the residential real estate brokerage firm Homewood Realty, serves as the Client Manager for Oakwood Lending, and is a Franchise Operator and Development Agent with HomeVestors of America. 

Jen Josey

Real Estate Investor

Jen Josey is a real estate Investor based in North Carolina. She and her husband own and operate Jolific Homes, The Acorn Agency, and REIGN, the Real Estate Investor Growth Network. 

Gene Mack

General Contractor

Gene Mack is a licensed General Contractor and Realtor in North Carolina. He is the Owner of Abiel LLC, and a Franchise Operator for HomeVestors of America. 

Billy Long


Billy Long is a Sub-Contractor from North Carolina. He is the owner of Long’s Electric. He and Flip Factory App Founder Jake Harris have worked together on a number of building projects over the past two years.