Welcome to the
Flip Factory Guide!


When we started in the house-flipping industry, we found a lot of online material on finances, acquisition, and selling, but little to no information on construction. Over the course of the past decade, we’ve had to learn from the ground up how to plan, manage, and execute the construction portion of house-flipping. 


It’s been a painstaking process, and there’s a lot we wish we knew when we started. 


That’s what this guide is intended for. We’re sharing information we’ve both written and curated that cover all phases of a house flip, from planning and pre-construction, to finals and landscaping. We hope to provide you with the right tools from the start to get your projects planned and completed efficiently.


And please do check back often—this resource is very much a work-in-progress, and we’ll be adding new material regularly. 

Jake Harris & Juan Huerta

Co-Founders of Flip Factory App


The Phases of a Flip

We urge you to become familiar with this graphic: it shows you all the major construction phases of a flipping project over time, showing when you should expect to start and end each phase. It’s a good overall guide to help you in your planning. It’s also how we organized the material throughout this guide. 


When you feel that you’re ready to get started, check out our material for the first phase,
Prep and Pre-Construction

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Knowing (And Avoiding) the S-Curve

The costs of a project behave much differently than what you might expect. It would greatly benefit you and lead to better success for your projects to learn about the nature of construction funding and spending, and the habits of both investors and contractors. That’s what we’ve summarized here. 

Instructional Videos

Marko from WhiteBoard Finance provides a great primer on how to flip a house for beginners, with practical examples from a real flip in progress. 

In this video, Kris Krohn speaks with Jerry Norton about common real estate mistakes when flipping houses, and how to avoid them before you start your next project. 

“The Honest Carpenter” covers five ways Contractors cheat their clients, and what to look out for as an Investor. 

Stanley “Dirt Monkey” Genadek covers how to spot and protect yourself against a con man in 3 common scams to fraud Investors and other Contractors: the “Dump N Run,” the “Change Order Scam,” and the “Lawsuit Scam.”