Interior Finishes Checklist

Purpose: to provide a checklist and overall plan for a project's interior finishes. 

Read time: 3 min

The Drywall Order

The standard is 1/2” in 4’x12’ sheets. 

However, if you have a 9’ ceiling, a wider version (54”) is available, allowing for 9’ ceilings with about a 2” gap at the bottom. 


Insulation: Walls and Crawl Spaces

Insulation comes either paper-backed or not. You need to know which is required as the cost between the two varies greatly. 

In some areas, you must separate all conditioned and un-conditioned spaces with a certain R value:

  • R-30 for areas under the floors

  • R-19 for areas in the walls

  • R-38 for attic areas

  • R-30 for vaulted ceilings

For cathedral ceilings, you need to use DuoVent to make sure that there is a 2” space from the eve to the ridge vent to cool the sheathing. 



A minimum distance of 42” is recommended between countertops. 

A standard countertop has a 24” depth and is 35” in height. 


Solid Wood Floors

“You are only as good as your subfloor”: if your subfloor is low-quality, then it will come through very easily on top. Make sure you invest in a proper sub-floor. 



Make sure you have all faucets, fixtures, and all other features that will be placed on or into the countertops either on-hand or already installed before work on the countertops begins. 


Have all sinks and faucets already identified and available if possible. 


If working with a farmhouse-style design, make sure you have the kitchen sink already selected and installed. 


Questions to Ask the Supplier

  • Which locations require backsplashes? 

  • Which edge detail do you want?