Windows & Doors

Purpose: this article will provide a knowledge base of information surrounding the ordering and installing of replacement windows and doors for rehab and additions for flip projects.

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The standard window is double-hung. (That is, both panels move.) However, single-hung windows in which the top is fixed, with a moveable bottom, is about 20% less in cost than double-hung windows. They are currently being employed by new build contractors and do not detract from the perceived home owner value. 


The lead time is two to four weeks for standard sizes, but more for custom sizes. 


Price point: $200 to $300 per window for custom sizes and common design


Sash Inhibitors: these are windows that must have a fixed sash-inhibitor to prevent then window from opening more than 4”. An ideal way to accomplish this is to order these inset into the windows. If not, they are attached after-market. 


Flashing and taping is critical: make sure you read all specifications and installation instructions for window installation. 


Some state codes require any windows to be the following: 

  • 60” high

  • less than 24” AFF (above the finished floor)


Exterior Doors

Be wary of expenses here! Some doors are extremely expensive. Start the hunt for the best prices early. If you have a custom opening, this can be a long lead item.