Systems Checklist

Purpose: to provide a general framework for handling plumbing, mechanical, gas, and electrical systems for your project

Read time: 3 min

Order of Events
  1. Plumbing

  2. Mechanical and Gas

  3. Electrical





There should be a 15” minimum of wall clearance from the finished wall to the center of the closet flange. However, 18” is recommended, and 21” of clearance is recommended to the front of the toilet.




Thermostat placement

Return placement is critical


Gas Line


Remember CSST bonding 




Layout recessed cans and boxes

It is critical to have a client meeting to review locations


Items that Need to be Identified for a Rough-In:


  • Switch locations and which lights they will manage

  • Fan locations

  • Exterior lights (both location and height)

  • Doorbell

  • Receptacles in locations other than what is required by Code

    • USB receptacles

    • Locations on either side of the beds

    • “Landing zones”

  • The kitchen layout

    • Will there be a disposal? If so, where is the switch location?

    • Will there be a microwave? If so, where will it be placed?

    • Will there be an electric range?