Temporary Provisions

Power, Water, Toilet Facilities

Purpose: this article discusses the temporary provisions necessary to perform a "Sizeable" renovation a house.

Read time: 3 min

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It is ideal to keep the existing power on the facility.  If you cannot due to the level of demolition/reconstruction or exterior work, then just pull the plug and get a Temp Pole.  However, the least effective solution is to saddle the GC or Subcontractors with using a Generator.  

Temporary Power Pole

The temporary power pole must be located in proximity to the current power service (check with the Power Company for the requirements for Temp Power Poles). The power company must be able to use the existing service run from the power pole to the existing house and connect the temporary power pole. If not, there may be an additional charge for this service.


Speed Tip: Once you have ownership of the property, you should contact the local Electricity Company and turn the power service into the new name of the Entity.  Electrician can "Make Safe" the power panel by installing 2 exterior grade GFCI receptacles under the existing box for use during construction.  Then remove all existing breakers and wires out of the panel and allow demo to proceed. 



Needed for the Mason, and not needed again until either the Painter or Drywall (Tape / Finisher)

Portable Toilet Facilities

In certain municipalities, it is a requirement to have a portable toilet on site in order to gain a Plumbing Rough-In.  If you are taking the