Demo Labor

Purpose: here is an article describing the hiring and communication with a Demo Labor Subcontractor.

Read time: 2 min


Demo Labor.png
General Notes
  • Use Marking spray paint to clearly indicate what you want to be removed. Orange is a good color and not likely missed.  Everything marked should GO! 

  • It’s also a good practice to wrap/protect or otherwise mark the items you do not want to be thrown away.  There’s nothing worse than having an old but working HVAC system trashed because your demolition crew thought it wasn’t any good.

  • If you’re uncertain about whether an item should stay or go, we recommend tearing the item out. Money is lost by the truckloads when project managers keep finishes like drywall with the intent of patching them later.  It is much more efficient and beneficial to throw it away.

  • In short, the more communication, the better.  Always be clear and detailed in your directions.



This should be bid "by the job" and not by the hour unless you are using Day-Labor and have a close control as the daily costs will rise quickly.


Tips & Tricks

If demo is small, consider having the "next contractor" facilitate it. (i.e. have the framing contractor remove the wall into the dumpster)  The next contractor will often price it favorably as it is not their core business, and it will get done quickly and allow them to get to work.