Bill of Materials

Purpose: to provide guidance on managing a bill of materials.

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"You’re building this house in the Bahamas!"

This is what you have to think of when you are building out a BOM (Bill of Materials).  Imagine that you are building/fixing/flipping your property in the Caribbean Islands and need to pack everything into a 40’ sea container in order to ship everything down and have it ready when it is needed.  

Believe me, if you took everything you ever got when you ran to the local store and put it on a list, this is what the list would look like. 

Steps to Follow:
  1. Capture the BOM (Bill of Materials)

  2. Find better sources

  3. Order ahead and save time/stress


Remember, flipping is not an intuitive process, and nobody is born with this knowledge.

“Plan Your Work, then Work Your Plan” – Napoleon Hill

Sample BOM: